Wufoo is our favorite forms tool. Adding a form to one of your simplebooklet pages (that even supports payments) is downright amazing.

Adding A Wufoo Form

You've made an amazing wufoo form, now it's time to add it to your simplebooklet page. You can embed these forms using the javascript code that wufoo provides in their Sharing Options.

On Wufoo, select the Share menu for the form you want to embed and select EMBED FORM.

On the Sharing page, select the javascript tab of your embedding options.

Copy the javascript code and then go back to simplebooklet.

Go to the PAGE CONTENT Tab in simplebooklet for the booklet you want to add the form.

Turn to the page you want to add the form and tap the ADVANCED Button and select Custom Code.

Save the custom code. It will add the form to your page. You will need to grab one of the corners of the form content and size it to best fit your page.

Your form is now available to be used in your simplebooklet. The completed forms are saved in your wufoo account.

You can even use the wufoo payments option to collect fees through your forms.

Wufoo Forms That Are Longer Than Your Page

Sometimes you have a form that is longer than your simplebooklet page. This is due to the way wufoo provides embed code. You can force it to have a scrollbar by doing the following:

Copy the code from Wufoo and paste it into the Custom Code tool on simplebooklet.

Now, in the code, look for 'autoresize' and 'height'

Change 'autoresize' to 'false' and change height to a height smaller than the height of your page 'height:500' (500 is 500 pixels high - most booklets are 800px high).

You may need to change the height a few times to figure out the right height. You can do this with the editor pencil tool in the left hand column.

You should now see a scrollbar on the right of your form that will allow someone to scroll down the form but not your page.

If you resize the content box on the page to taller than the height you set, you will see a grey background. This is where the height of your form ends. To make it longer, just change the height to a bigger number.
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