You can add your simplebooklet microsite as an email template to your mailchimp account. This adds an html ready, rich email of the cover image of your booklet along with the title, author, description, and link button back to the simplebooklet microsite. You'll be able to use the template html editor in mailchimp and add all your other mailchimp features to make it ready for sending to your mailchimp lists.

Adding to Mailchimp

Adding a simplebooklet microsite to your mailchimp account is straightforward. You'll tap a few buttons and be ready in mailchimp to start sending to your list in minutes.

You will need to connect your simplebooklet account to your mailchimp account before you can add your template. Don't worry, we'll take you through these steps right from simplebooklet. You only need to do this once.

Steps to adding your template

Open your booklet in the DESIGN tab.

Tap the EMAIL menu.

Select the Mailchimp option.


Once it's added, you'll see a success message.

You can then choose to go to your mailchimp template library and start messing with it there.

You can add as many simplebooklet microsites to your mailchimp template library as you want. They will always redirect the email reader to your simplebooklet microsite web page.
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