You can create an animated GIF of any of your simplebooklet booklets. This is an animated image of the first three pages of your booklet.

Animated GIFs can be great for driving engagement with customers on social networks and emails. 

Creating an Animated GIF

You can create an animated GIF in three locations in the promotion tools.  From the facebook posting tool, from the email tool, and from the screenshot download tool.

Facebook Posts

You can post an animated gif to your facebook timeline.  

Tap the Facebook option in social networks.

This will connect you to your facebook accounts. You can then select which page or account you wish to post your animated gif. You can also add in additional descriptions to your post. A link back to your full booklet will appear below the animated gif.

Email Animated GIFs

You can make your emails more engaging with animated gifs.  

Select email in your promote options, then email message, then the format you want, and then select the Animate Image checkbox. This may take up to 20 seconds to create your animated gif.

When you send the email, your customers will see the animated gif in their email messages. If the email client doesn't support animated gifs, it will fallback to the cover image.

Downloading for your own application

You can download an animated gif of your booklet from the Screenshots and downloads options in the promote tools of your simplebooklet. You can use this in email clients, for posting to websites, and sharing in social media. Basically, anywhere that supports displaying animated gifs.

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