Want a deeper understanding of the reach and engagement of your simplebooklets? You can connect each individual booklet to your Google Analytics account (It's free). All you need is your Analytics ID and within 24 hours, you'll start recording activity on your booklet traffic. It's a great way to see where people are finding your booklet and where they go after.  It also tracks each page as well, so you know how much of your booklet gets read.

To add your Google Analytics ID:

Log into your Google Analytics account.
Your account ID is under BASIC SETTINGS.
Copy the ACCOUNT ID number.

Go to your Simplebooklet Dashboard.
Tap the PROMOTE button for the booklet you want to track.
On the PROMOTE page, select ANALYZE along the top toolbar.
On the ANALYZE page, tap the grey GOOGLE ANALYTICS button.
Paste in your ACCOUNT ID from Google.

Wait about 24 hours and the tracking should start appearing on your Google analytics account.
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