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To ensure your brand is front and center to the customer, you can add your logo to your microsite in a number of places.  Your logo can appear:

On the navigation toolbars on the microsite.
In the support menu popups on the microsite.
In the microsite background.
In the browser address bar and tab.

Adding Your Logo

You can add your logo from the DESIGN tab. 

Tap the LAYOUT button.
On the LOGO option, tap EDIT.
Upload your logo (180px by 180px preferred).
Select where you want your logo to appear.

Where the logo appears on your microsite will depend on which microsite you have chosen.

How Your Logo Displays

_Support Menus
_**Here is an example of the logo on the about support menu.

_Navigation Toolbar
_**Here is an example of the logo appearing on the modern microsite layout.

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